Compassion Circle Meditation Series - free

Twenty short guided meditations, all focused on Compassion.

Do you wish you had more compassion for yourself and others? Do you have a loud and obnoxious inner critic? Then you will love this series of compassion meditations.  A few years ago I created these meditations to share with a small group each weekday morning for four weeks, and they were transformative for the group. Each short meditation is only fifteen to twenty minutes and you'll receive them all organized in a folder so you can listen to them in whatever order you like and as often as you like. Simple and beautiful.  No lists, no sales pitches, just straight compassion. Click here to download.

Wild and Precious Inspiration- free

Daily photos and inspirational words delivered straight to your in box.

Months ago, each morning I began writing as if guides or angels were communicating with me. What I found was that the messages I received were very kind and inspiring. If you tend to feel overwhelmed or find yourself being self-critical about what you are accomplishing in life, I think you'll benefit from these daily reminders. 

Every weekday morning you'll receive a photo and a short message delivered to your in box. The photos are all taken by me - simple images from nature that inspire me, and the messages were "downloaded" from spirit. There's nothing to buy, nothing to do and no other list you get added to.  Simply images and inspiration, free.  I think you'll love them.  Click here to sign up.

Be Wilder Self Study - $49

Four weeks to connect you more deeply to your own intuition and use the power of nature to lead you to your right life.

Join me and fellow coach Wendy Battino for Be Wilder, a set of four beautiful recordings, delivered to your in box weekly, designed to help you align with nature and with your truest self.  Sessions include Ground, Vision, Alignment and Emergence.

Click here to learn more about Be Wilder and Sign up