The timeliness and usefulness of the strategies Carla taught surprised me. I employ them almost daily. She’s sharp and smart and quick. Those qualities attract people to her and promise good coaching.
— Sarah, Writer
I juggle multiple projects in vastly different departments and I felt the stress affecting my productivity and mental health. Carla showed me how to visually organize my workload and track my achievements. Now instead of anxious, I feel accomplished.
— Meryl, Community Manager
Through a very difficult time in my life, Carla’s kindness, generosity, and openness have helped me focus and work on what is really important. She has a remarkable sense of intuition and always seems to know the right thing to say at the right moment.
— Michael, District Director
Carla has the heart of a warrior with the mind of a Buddhist monk, strong with a quiet calm, focused style. Her gentle giant approach cuts to the heart of the problem offering a subtle and heart-centered solution. She is a wonderful person to work with.
— Stacey, Counselor and Recruiter