Life Coach for a Day

A Better Wellness Program

Are you searching for something different to support your employees in your workplace wellness program? Something besides nutrition, exercise and medical presentations?

Imagine a solution that helps your employees alleviate stress, improves their relationships with colleagues, increases their productivity and job satisfaction, and doesn’t require everyone to gather in a conference room for hours and hours, secretly peeking at their phones and wondering when it’s going to be over.

Imagine a solution that’s remarkably effective, surprisingly economical, and customized to the needs of your team. Introducing Life Coach for a Day...

How it Works: You offer employees 20-30 minute confidential meetings with Carla Robertson, a master certified life coach. In a short time, Carla can help clients with whatever issue is bothering them the most. Her approach is gentle, compassionate, and solutions-focused. Her tools are simple, yet extremely effective. Participants usually experience immediate relief and leave the session with a plan in place to move forward from their stuck spot.

Individual Sessions at a Group Rate

With Life Coach for a Day, each participant receives personalized attention, which means no one is bored or unengaged by sitting through something that “doesn’t apply to them” as often happens with one-size-fits-all programs. Life Coach for a Day empowers each participant within a safe space because it’s customized and confidential. It’s designed to help smart capable individuals improve their game, and doesn’t have the negative connotation sometimes associated with therapy. It doesn’t require the whole staff to stop what they’re doing at once, shutting down productivity for the day.

A Proven Antidote to Stress

Coaching Works. It feels like magic, but it’s research-based and highly effective. Life coaching is like personal training for your mind, and just like working with a trainer dramatically improves your workout, working with a life coach dramatically improves your life. You’ve heard the saying that stress is the number one killer — coaching is a proven antidote.

Carla taught me to create clearer boundaries at work so that my energy was not as easily affected by the whims of others — important in a position where I interact with many people each day. Afterward, my boss and I troubleshot solutions, and work is far less stressful.
— Danielle, Manager
I juggle multiple projects in vastly different departments and I felt the stress affecting my productivity and mental health. 20 minutes can have a profound impact: Carla showed me how to visually organize my workload and track my achievements. Now instead of anxious, I feel accomplished.
— Meryl, Community Manager