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Wild walk at the Woodlands Conservancy


Come explore the Woodlands Conservancy, a beautiful wild setting near New Orleans.

• What we'll do
We'll walk an out and back trail (5.5 miles total) through beautiful cypress and hardwood forest, exploring the beauty of the greens of late summer, and the abundant wildlife; birds, armadillos, so much more! At the end of the trail are old WWII ammunition bunkers that look like something out of a Tolkien novel. We'll enjoy a picnic lunch and walk back. Options to make a shorter walk by turning around early. We'll walk slowly enough to really see and immerse in the natural wild world around us, and we'll practice tuning in and truly paying attention.

• What to bring
Wear comfortable walking shoes, note that sometimes the trail is wet, and bring lunch, drinks (plenty of water!) and snacks. Dress for the weather (likely hot - bring a hat?) and bring rain gear/umbrella if there's a rain forecast. I usually bring something to sit on the ground for picnic lunch. You'll also want sunscreen and insect repellent.

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