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Full Moon Wetland Meditation Walk


Let's connect in nature and take some time together to enjoy the beauty of the wetlands on the full moon in March! Spring is coming to the wetlands and it's incredible to hear the nighttime sounds as the swamp inhabitants begin waking up fully with the warmer weather.

Sunset is still early at this time of year (5:59 pm) - so we will meet early and take a relaxing silent walk to a spot to see the sunset easily.

We'll begin with a short grounding exercise to engage our senses and help us be connected to the present moment.

The swamp as dusk gives way to night is magical, especially when we're quiet so we can just soak in the experience. Something amazing always happens! It truly is like a spa for your soul.

We'll walk back by starlight and moonlight and drink in the wild wonder of the wetlands at night.

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