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Creating your 2018 vision board!

vision board jan 13.jpg

It's 2018 and January is nearly over! What do you want to create or experience this year? What's been something you've been putting off that now is the perfect time to begin? Is your current life aligned with your values? If not, would you like to take time to envision what that would look like?

You'll learn to use your inner compass to better figure out what you really want, then receive a set of tools to actually accomplish it. You'll leave with a plan and a gorgeous vision board perfectly sized to tuck into a binder or laptop case, or something bigger if you prefer. We're visual creatures and images are powerful reminders. They can help us access parts of our brains that are otherwise dormant, and support us to take the steps to meet our goals.

Plus it's so much fun! Come hang out with a lovely group of people and make your vision for the upcoming months!

Light refreshments provided.

RSVP by emailing Carla - or via Meetup - click here