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Wild Courage - Reclaiming Your Bravery and Magic

  • Blue Star Ranch 2555 Norton Rd Cashiers, NC 28717 (map)

Do you wish you were braver?  Not about things like zip-lining or mountain climbing, but about speaking your truth and saying and doing what you want? Do you wonder what your life would be like if you let loose your potential? Do you watch others around you stepping up and wish you could too? If a fairy godmother appeared with a magic wand asking you to follow her into the enchanted forest and get your power back, would you go?

It’s time to reconnect with your Wild Courage. The kind of courage to be yourself in the moment–  to say yes when you need to say yes and no when you need to say no. To dance or rest, stay or leave, speak up or stay quiet. To find your truth, restore your hope, reconnect with your vulnerability, and learn to honor your boundaries.

Join Master Coach Carla Robertson and Equus Coach Leslie Vanderpool for an energizing and restorative weekend of courage and wonder at the spectacular Blue Star Ranch. In the modern fairy tale, you don’t need rescuing, you just need to remember who you really are, invite magical forces to join you, and emerge with your original power.

Nature elements and horses will teach you. With assistance from the wild, you will tune into your body to access your deep self-knowledge. You’ll get clear on what you want and leave with a concrete path to your dreams. You’ll deepen your leadership skills so you can bring your most courageous vision to fruition.



The world is calling for us to live from a place of deep authenticity. There’s no room for masks and artifice anymore. Horses and nature elements model this wild courage for us without worry, fear or judgement. They teach us to fully see our truest selves, and that’s where the magic begins.

During this immersive weekend you’ll create a new story for yourself as you take a healing journey with kind and capable supporters by your side.

Join us to reconnect to that part of you that knows the answers, the part that is never alone, the part that can access the enchanted power of nature at any time. You’ll go home with your own magic ending, clearly mapped out, ready to share your wild courage with the world.

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