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The Indulgent Path to Money Management FREE Q&A Call

Grab the recording of my FREE Q&A Call for The Indulgent Path to Money Management Course.


My FREE Q&A Call will answer all of the questions that you have regarding The Indulgent Path to Money Management Course. If you are wondering if this course is for you, please join this call - I will be sharing how this simple course will help you get straight with your money without feeling deprived and miserable.

Continue reading for more information on The Indulgent Path to Money Management Course.

Participants call in to this weekly, four-part group call at their choice of either 1pm CST or 6:30 pm CST. Each class is recorded and available to download afterwards. Private online group to continue the discussion.  $99, with a guarantee that if you do the steps you will recoup your investment. Class dates are:

  • Tuesday, March 1st
  • Tuesday, March 8th
  • Tuesday, March 15th
  • Tuesday, March 22nd

This course is for you if you’re...

  • stressed about money.
  • wishing you had enough money for that special trip, house, item, or event.
  • struggling with more debt that you’re comfortable with.
  • finding yourself “in a fog” when you shop, either at the grocery store, online or in the mall.
  • overwhelmed with the stuff you own while at the same time craving stuff you don’t have.
  • tired of starting budgeting programs that you abandon after the second or third week.
  • realizing that there has to be a better way that’s more peaceful and doesn’t feel like you’re being punished.

This program is not about becoming a billionaire or living like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, although we can learn some interesting things from their lifestyles.  It won’t undo years of accumulated debt overnight, but it will start you on a more sustainable path.

In the Indulgent Path to Money Management, you’ll learn

  • what makes you feel rich and how to bring more of that into your life.
  • where your “money leaks” are and how to stop them.
  • where in your life you have enough and where you have too much, and what to do about it.
  • which problems in your life can be solved with money and which ones can’t, and how to know the difference.
  • a simple method to get super-clear on your finances and what’s actually going on with the flow of money in and out of your household.
  • how to save money for what you actually want, while having fun doing it!
  • how to create a sustainable, workable, long-term method for meeting your financial goals while enjoying a lovely life in the meantime.

If you don’t have the money you need to live your best life, it’s stifling and stressful. Creating a secure financial situation for yourself allows you to do your real work in the world, and that’s the most important reason to get clear with your money and set yourself up for financial freedom.