Buster wisdom: Sitting in the grass and the power of *and*

My head is positively swirling with ideas, to-dos, tasks, brainstorms - you name it.  And I am tired.  I just returned from an incredible coaching mastery retreat where I was supported, inspired, and filled up.  And now there's so much to do!  And I want to wave my wand and have it all done now. The actual doing is a different story, as I suddenly feel the overwhelming urge to nap... I spent the early morning today at the collision center dropping off my car and picking up a rental.  You may recall, when I was all zen about not worrying, that our car died.  And we bought a new one.  Not only new, but from the future!  A 2013!  And then a distracted driver backed into it while it was parked in front of our house last week.  This was not part of the plan.

So my wand waving waited. On the way home from the collision center, I stopped at the farmers' market and bought peaches, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, squash, eggs and more.  I filled my bags with healthy local food.  My computer and my wand waving waited a little longer.

As I opened the gate I saw my best wisdom teacher, Buster, resting in the shady front yard.  I unpacked the food, then stepped barefoot into the lovely grass and joined him.  And breathed.  Because if I don't have time, on a beautiful sunny day, to sit in the grass for a few minutes, then something is really off.

This week I'm going to believe in the word "and".  I can work toward my goals *and* sit in the grass for a few minutes.  I can complete tasks *and* cut up strawberries.  I can drive to unexpected places like collision centers *and* enjoy the trip, rocking out to the 80's on satellite radio.  I can write *and* I can nap.  I can create *and* I can breathe.  Wow.  Buster knows.  We are so lucky.

What are some of your *and* statements for the week?