whimsical art

30 Day Challenge: Day 9 - rewards?

I'm typing this entry from my favorite coffee shop in New Orleans - Rue de la Course. I have all kinds of computer work to do, and so I've rewarded myself for sticking with this challenge by coming here to work - in fact I'm considering doing a tour of New Orleans coffee shops with wireless in the upcoming weeks - it really helps me keep focused when it's just me, a computer, a table,  a glass of iced tea and a giant slice of almond buttercream cake! Yay! So, here's what's going on with my whimsical cardinals.  Tomorrow I'll do some tweaking of things I'm not quite happy with and then start on something new.  More birds?  Cats?  Abstracts?  Not sure.  But something with color.  I like using all the colors in the box!

And here's my view during grass time today.  It's impossible not to feel relaxed with this view!

So, how are you rewarding yourself?  I know that just completing the challenge each day is a reward, but how else are you treating yourself and taking care of yourself or doing something fun?