too tired

30 Day Challenge Day 10 - tired

This is when I need to be careful.  I did my grass time, my paper time (tossing more photos) and my art time - I would post the cardinals again but I didn't change it much and maybe made it a little muddier - alas! I'm actually excited about the new art piece I'm working on - it's another colorful whimsical project - a sort of rebus.  I don't want to give it away yet, so here's a far away photo:

And here are beautiful plumbago flowers from the yard during grass time:

What I need to be careful about is what happens when I'm tired.  Right now I'm kind of overriding my body (we do this SOO much in our culture!)  I don't want to miss a day or miss a post so I'm showing up here, and that feels good, but I'm also tired.  And my brain is listing all the things that I didn't do today instead of remembering the ones I did, because it's tired.  It's feeding me a story about how since I'm tired this plan is not sustainable, especially since we didn't do everything we'd like to have done today.  My brain has somehow forgotten the six assorted meetings and calls I had today, the amazing coaching with a fabulous client, the brunch with a dear old friend - the happy way the day went!  It's just cranky and silly.  So I'm going to fix my body some comfort food then put my tired mind to bed.  All is well.  The answer to tired, I'm finally learning, is rest.  Not caffeine, not more tasks, not feeling bad, just plain old rest.