time for what you love

30 Day Challenge: Day 25 - room for everything

How is it that I never had room before for 30 minutes of drawing?  Have I really created a habit?  Can I keep this up when my schedule becomes fuller during the school year?  Can I become braver about not over-scheduling? Can I keep prioritizing what really matters to me? These are the kinds of questions my clients begin to ask themselves when they start making changes, and the answers are, of course, up to them.   And for my challenge, the answers are totally up to me.

I'm getting excited about taking one more deliberate step toward having a life I love.  Things have been fantastic overall for years and years, but the time piece and the over-scheduling piece and the paper clutter piece have been tougher nuts to crack for me, unless I do something completely different from the regular routine, like go hike on the Appalachian Trail for 6 months.

I can really feel the space opening.  I can see that there is room for everything I love, if I'm more thoughtful about what decisions I make.

Have you started your own 30 Day Challenge?  If not, is it time to begin?  What might shift for you in 30 days?

And speaking of shifting, did you know that I loved my Clarity and Connection retreat so much that I'm offering it again in September?  The early bird special ends August 7, so click here to see if it's right for you.  I just checked in with a retreat participant today and she's still feeling the positive effects four days later - she's incorporating what she gained from the retreat into her daily life, and that makes me SOOO excited!

Today I came close to finishing up my turtle drawing- just a little bit more detail and cleaning up to do -here's the current drawing:

and here's the photo that inspired it:

And best of all, I spent the morning in the swamp with a couple visiting from Italy - we host international visitors through an organization called SERVAS - so cool! Here's one of four alligators we saw this morning:

Yeah - wow - there's room for everything!

What are you doing differently to make room for what you love?