taking time to make art

30 Day Challenge Day 3 - honeymoon!

What a difference it makes to feed your soul while you get things done, and to make that a priority!  3 days, just 30 minutes a day, and I have this: It's no Van Gogh, but it makes my heart happy, and that's what matters.  If you've ever been in a cypress swamp in the fall, hopefully you'll know what you're looking at.  Otherwise it might appear to be an interesting abstract!

And ten minutes in the grass soothed my soul, and produced this pretty pine cone photo:

Lastly, keeping up with my paper stuff for ten minutes a day means I can take things like bank statements that come in the mail and deal with them immediately instead of putting them in a pile for later that grows and grows until there are three months of bank statements in the pile along with all kinds of other put-off tasks and decisions.  There's power and momentum in taking care of things now.

But the most power comes from giving myself the gift of time to play at making art. I can't tell you how delicious that is.

This is typical for me - I start strong, I'm intoxicated by the challenge and love the rewards.  When I have to pay attention is when I get tired or a little overwhelmed or I miss a day and go into "Abort, Abort!" mode.  But right now I'm in the honeymoon phase and I'm going to bask in that!

Want to join the challenge?  Come sign up to our Facebook group so you can have a community of supporters - you can start anytime this month as the challenge goes through the end of August.  Come have fun and make a positive change! Or share more in the comments here about your challenge.  I'd love to hear!