tackling time

The first of the month has magical powers, doesn't it???

All days with special "beginning meanings" are more powerful for getting stuff started, right?  Monday- the first day of the week.  How many times do you tell yourself you'll start that new thing on Monday? Even better -the first of the month - especially July 1, the beginning of the whole second half of the year-- yeah, that's powerful! Of course there's the most powerful day of all -January 1 - the first day of a whole new year!!  But I can't wait all the way until January so I'm going to start tomorrow.  July 1. Surely anything that's begun on such an auspicious date has a better chance.  A better chance that I'll stick to it.  A better chance that what I begin will become magically part of my everyday routine.

I'm going to wrangle  time once and for all.  To gently hold it down like Cesar Milan and show it who's boss.  If you've been reading along with me here on the ol' Wild and Precious blog for a while, you know that when I'm not writing about bonding with nature and loving hanging out with the cats and being wordless, I'm writing about time.  About trying to avoid being too busy, or trying not to get overwhelmed with tasks, stuff, to-do lists, etc. I have a bunch of theories about what's going on with me, and I have a hunch they're going on for others too - that this isn't just my crazy little problem.   And I'm going to do a two month experiment to see just what happens when I treat this whole thing in a completely new way.  I can't wait to tell you about it - but you'll have to wait until tomorrow.  Because you know - it will be July 1 and all.  And the first thing I'm probably going to talk about is how silly it is to wait for auspicious and magical dates to begin something important.