prioritizing something fun

30 Day Challenge Day 4: Indulged

Blue sky this morning - first time in a few days.  This is the tree I sit under in the yard during my ten minute grass time.

And I indulged in more than the allotted time in my sketchbook today - I had a class on the phone and while I listened diligently and took nine pages of notes, I also produced this:

After the fall cypress swamp drawing I was ready for some green.  A snail on the palmettos from a photograph during one of my wordless walks.

It doesn't have to be good.  It just feels great to do it.  In middle school I would doodle excessively in the margins of my notebooks, especially in history class.  Castles, eyes, girls, dresses, branches full of flowers, trees, cats --  and I still remember those lectures like they were yesterday.  I was happy to indulge and prioritize creative time for myself today.