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30 Day Challenge: Day 28 - closing in, looking forward

This is what makes it worth it - to get this far and see that it has made a difference - that things are better - that I have found time to draw!  Not having time is such a lie.  It's just about what we want to make sure we have time for; it's what we prioritize. Today I drew at one of my favorite places - a beautiful creek in Mississippi.  The weather was perfect for lazing on the sandy beach or drifting in the tea-colored water, while tiny fish nibbled on my ankles.

Looking forward, I plan to keep my current 30 day habits in place - they are part of what makes a difference to me in living my wild and precious life!  And I'm going to start another challenge.  I plan to: 1. Write in my journal every morning with great positivity and inspiration.  (I've already actually started this!) Writing is a great way to start the day, and over the past 30 days I have been writing something most days, but my plan is to be really intentional about positive writing that sets me up for a fantastic day.  I love doing this and it absolutely makes a difference for me!  2. Spend one dedicated hour each day (ideally in the morning!) working on specific projects, with all distractions like FB, blogging, email, etc. completely disconnected.  I've done some of this, but I haven't been super-intentional about it, and it's time for focused working to rise to the top of my list.  I'm excited about my new challenges and even better, I'm feeling peaceful and confident that I can keep up with my current ones.  I won't be blogging about my challenges anymore every day (it's a little time consuming!) but I'll keep you posted with a check in here and there, and I would LOVE to hear about your challenges!