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The magic that happens when you turn your attention towards your money...

Class starts tonight.  Magic.  I am ready and so excited to take a new group on the Indulgent Path!  Here's what someone from last year's group sent me last night about her experience. There are a lot of personal details here so I'm leaving off her name, it being the Internet and all...

"I took your Indulgent Path to Money Management class one year ago. At the time I was making a decent wage (50K), had minimal credit card debt (<1K), a fair credit score(620) and had a partner to share the bills with.

"I also had $10 in my savings account, roughly $500 in checking and spent an enormous amount of energy trying to figure out how to pay the next bill, what would happen in an emergency, and how could I possibly afford a vacation etc.

"I had no idea where all of my money went. I didn't understand how my unhealthy relationship with money was affecting my finances. I wanted more. More time, more freedom, more joy, more security and yes, a few more "things". I wanted the freedom to say "no" to things because I didn't want them, not because I couldn't afford them.

"A year later: I have 5k in savings, 1k in checking. My car is set to be paid off 10 months early. I bought a motorcycle (yes, it has a payment. But, I overpay it). My credit score is 710. We go out and have FUN every weekend. I started my own JOYFUL side business. I sleep well every night!

"I never wonder what I will do in an emergency. As a matter of fact a few months ago my dog, Pnut, needed to go to the vet. It was an emergency. $500 later he was fine and I didn't have to stress about the bill that I was able to pay for in cash! Two days later I hurt myself playing raquetball and was out of work for a week. Again, no stress about a lost week of pay as I had $$ saved!

"My partner and I are still together, happier than ever. We are planning a vacation. I don't know what it will be, but we can actually plan, not just wish!! We agree on how and when to spend our money.  No SECRETS!! No PRETENDING that I have what I don't.

"I know now where my money goes, and usually I am okay with how it's been spent. Once in a while I see that I might have been impulsive and I simply do it better next time. Here's an important lesson for me....I have often said, " I can't afford to" whatever...the truth that I have learned is really that I have often CHOSEN to spend my money on other "things" that seemed important to me at that time.

"I shared a lot because I think that some people really want to hear that they can get "there" from "here". That's not to say that I am not proud of how far I have come! I am! I am a hard worker and did everything that you asked of me in your class, but you are an excellent guide. You motivated, inspired and directed without ever making me feel small, shallow, insignificant or ashamed. That says a lot to me about a person. You rock!

"Oh!  And we also had a fabulous "STAYCATION" in Florida! Went sight seeing, jet skiing, stayed in a hotel on the beach, etc! For Christmas we hosted a Christmas party for 20 of our neighbors!

"My side job was able to employ an extra person who in turn who was then able to connect with someone who turned her on to a few side jobs of her own!!!! Spread the joy and the riches!"

Wow.  Just wow!  Hey, if you somehow didn't know about this class and are thinking you want to learn what this person did and turn your financial situation around, it's not too late to join in!  Click here to read more about it and sign up!  Let's make 2014 an amazingly prosperous and beautiful year!

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