honey badger

Badger on the left, Buddha on the right...


I love visualizing my intentions with a vision board.  Seems that right now I'm  channeling equal parts honey badger (regular badger standing in on left) and Buddha (up on the right.)  I'm still not sure what the upcoming trip of a lifetime will be; interestingly, every day is part of that "trip of a lifetime", isn't it?  And that's the frame of mind and type of action (and sometimes inaction/rest) I'd like to cultivate.  I'm interested in a way of living that's sustainable, not just for the planet, but for my soul.What does it mean to channel equal parts honey badger and Buddha?  For me it means plenty of risk taking, going for it, trying things, leaping, being fearless, having fun (honey badger) and also plenty of serenity, presence, rest, awareness, calm, compassion, and love (Buddha).  Equal parts doing and being.

Sometimes it's heavier on the being. Less writing, less posting, less sharing, less social media. More time in the grass with the cat, watching the blue jays in the back yard, or visiting with friends in real life while not worrying about "checking in" or photographing my cocktail or my food or our happy faces (although I do all of those too, sometimes!)

Sometimes it's heavier on the doing.  Creating and teaching classes.  Hosting events.  Sharing inspiration.  Trying something completely new.  Dealing with my ever-overflowing email.  Going to parades, parties and plays. Photographing everything!

Tomorrow night I'll be hosting a vision boarding party that includes plenty of wildness-- we'll all be in wigs, we'll be going out dancing, we'll even see some burlesque(!) But first we'll begin with setting our dreams and visions to paper, lovingly, with images and beautiful printed words.

Then Sunday, I'm hosting a wordless walk in the springtime swamp, right at sunset. Quiet, restorative, relaxing.  Definitely focused on being.

Do you feel like you have an equal balance of doing and being in your life right now?  Is there one side you'd like to cultivate more? More Badger?  More Buddha?

If you're looking for more being, try taking a wordless walk in nature. Sign up for my updates and you'll receive my free Wordless Cure for Busyness kit, complete with wordless walk directions and wordless video clips for little tastes of calm.

If you're looking for more doing, grab some friends and plan a fun event out - brunch, dancing, or even a vision boarding party!  Here are some simple directions: All you need are magazines, scissors, glue sticks, poster boards and some ideas about what you want in the future and how it's going to feel.  Find photos or images that make you think of the goals and the feelings you've chosen, and collage away! Then, most important, look at your vision board every day.  Access the great feelings you'll have when your visions come true.  Imagine it as if it's happened.  When you do that, you'll be amazed at what begins to appear to help your dreams come true. It's not magic, really - it's turning toward what's possible.

Hey! I think I'll host a free virtual vision board party on the evening of May 16, 2013! (I came up with this idea as I wrote this blog post, really! Very badger!) That would be fun!  If you want to get more details, make sure you're signed up for updates!

Buddha. Badger.  What do you need?  Make it happen.