30 Day Challenge: Day 17 - getting through the doldrums

"It's not happening fast enough!""I've been so good, I should feel different!" "I've worked consistently; I should have more to show for it!" "I'm sooo tired!" "I don't think this is working."

Ahh yes. During the second half of a challenge there's a possibility of hitting the doldrums.  Just as  a journey from the North to the South Pole means a stop around the equator where the winds suddenly die down to nothing, the middle part of any challenge, project, marathon run, extended hiking trip or any other undertaking often includes a slackening of the sails, a low spot, a dim point.  Sometimes this is caused by incremental and undetected raising of the bar (see yesterday's post.) Or by failure to remember to celebrate all the small victories - the four day wins (by day 17 there should have been four celebrations - four big treats! Are you forgetting about the treats?  Are you still believing that you don't deserve any treats?)  Sometimes it's just caused by realizing that there's still half way to go.  Or that turning this challenge into a lifetime habit still seems overwhelming.

Step out of the doldrums.  Give yourself a treat! Or take a nap.  Or change something up.  Or go back and really celebrate, really internalize how far you've already come.  Look at the x's on your calendar, or the stickers on your planner, or the journal entries or writing you've done.  Pat yourself on the back.  Remind yourself that life is to be enjoyed, not slogged through.

On that note, I'm headed out to a wine bar with my honey.  I spent my drawing time tweaking my bowl of key limes, but it doesn't look significantly different in a photo.  I'm happy with it now and planning to start something new and possibly more playful tomorrow.  Here are the bougainvilleas in the yard from just after grass time.

If you're in the doldrums, shake it off and go celebrate your progress so far!  And if you're not, go celebrate anyway!  Either way, there's cause for celebration!