Everything's a miracle

My friend Debbie taught me this.  She said that when she gets stressed or harried, she says to herself, "Everything's a miracle."  Then she looks around to find evidence and always does.  If she's in a car, well, that's a miracle right there that two tons of steel moves around so easily -- and that she's sitting in climate-controlled comfort, perhaps with lovely music coming through the radio.  In the supermarket, she's surrounded by an incredible bounty of food.  Often, she's near her family members who she loves dearly. I've been trying it lately.  I've noticed beautiful bubbles forming in puddles while I strolled in the rain.  I've stared at clouds and birds and trees and happy children.  My cat is definitely a miracle!  As is this computer and the incredible technology that lets me send my thoughts all the way around the world.

And here's one of the best miracles of late which will make sense if you read the previous post, "Arguing with Mother Nature". The magnolias are still blooming!!  My mom got to see dozens of trees still in pink perfection.  Oh, me of little faith . . .

Give it a try.  How many miracles can you find within ten feet of you right now?