I have enough

Enough - why's it so hard?

This question dogs me on a regular basis.  How can we be so rich, have so much - so much! - and still feel like there's not enough?  Is is because we see and read about others who have so much more? Certainly there are many others who have so much less. I look around our (comparatively modest) home and it's full of magical things - things most humans throughout history, no matter how rich, didn't have.  A way to send photos and words - and voices and video! - around the world.  A way to find the answer to almost any question I have.  Hot running water.  Art supplies. Warm and cozy clothes.  Fun clothes.  Plenty of clothes.  Food.  Chocolate.  Wine.  Multiple kinds of fresh fruits and veggies.  More than enough delicious food. My home even has a fellow human who is my dearest friend, confidante and sweetheart, plus two unbelievably cute and cuddly cats.  When it's cold outside, we can make the inside warm.  When it's hot outside we can make the place cool.  We have grass and trees and flowers and a little deck.  We have things to read.  And streaming music and movies - any entertainment we could want at the click of a button!  We have meaningful work, and all kinds of ways to connect and celebrate and socialize with others.

I've been reading The Gift of Imperfection by Brené Brown, and she mentions in one part that many of us wake up and our first thought is about not enough.  We didn't get enough sleep.  We don't have enough time.  Something else about our situation is not good enough.  We are not good enough.

That's a rough way to wake up - and believe me, I've done it plenty.

Recently though, as part of my newest 30 day challenge, I'm writing super-positively every morning.  And it's surprisingly easy to do - there's a lot to be positive about!  It's amazing how great I feel after doing this.  It's not about making stuff up.  There is so much to be positive about every day - every moment.  Today during my grass time I stared at the sky. (yep, I still do grass time - it's something I look forward to every day!) It was so beautiful.  White puffy clouds drifting along a blue, blue backdrop.

True, I am usually a "glass half full" kinda girl.  But why not?  I enjoy celebrating that I have enough.  Of everything.  In fact I have more than enough.  I have an abundance!  Of beauty, of love, of delicious food, of pretty soaps in the bathroom.  I have enough time.  I can arrange my life so I have enough sleep.

And most importantly, no matter what I "get done" or don't get done every day, I am enough.  That feels lovely and peaceful.

How do you remind yourself where you have enough, or an abundance, in your life?  How does it change your state of mind when you look for the places where you have enough or more than enough? How are you, just as you are, enough?