80s music


What do you get when you mix a group of smart amazing women in fabulous wigs , a great venue with scores of wines to sample, a bunch of magazines at the ready for vision boarding, a limo and a club playing exclusively 80s music?  You get WIGS and WIGS night! I'm not sure exactly when I dreamed up this night.  I imagined the whole thing in my head months ago. And then last week I manifested it in the flesh with a bunch of fantastic girlfriends.

In the land of coaching, WIGS are Wildly Improbable Goals - those ones you would love to achieve but they seem like almost too much to ask - like relocating to Italy, or hiking the Appalachian trail, or writing an Oscar-winning screenplay, or just whatever you want that you don't have yet and it seems like it might be kind of complicated to do it or get it.

One way to articulate your WIGS is to create a vision board - a bunch of words and images that represent your goal and the feeling state you'll have when you accomplish it.  And when I learned that these goals were called WIGS, I just imagined in my head a bunch of women in wigs working on vision boards of their WIGS and then going out 80s dancing - because part of the fun of making vision boards is to release attachment to the outcome, and what better way to do this than go out dancing to Madonna, Duran Duran, Talking Heads and Michael Jackson?  Oh, and did I mention the limo?

We started the evening at W.I.N.O - the Wine Institute of New Orleans.  I love this place because it's self-serve wine tasting - you use a card to sample tastes of wine in specially climate-controlled dispensers - it's like wine vending machines!

We chatted and ate and made our vision boards, then hopped in the limo, shared our goals, toasted with champagne and headed out to dance at One Eyed Jack's, where they have an excellent DJ and dancers and they screen 80s movies and videos all night long. And oh my goodness, did we dance!  What is it about music from the 1980s?

We had such a fabulous time- and I'll be doing WIGS and WIGS nights again, plus more cool, creative events to help us all live our wild and precious lives.  If you're a woman living in the New Orleans area and want to make sure you don't miss out on the fun, sign up here and I'll put you on a special NOLA email list to keep you posted about upcoming exciting, relaxing, rejuvenating and fabulous events I dream up! (And of course I will not share your email or do anything spammy.)

I love living my wild and precious life by taking beautiful walks in nature, and I also love living it by dancing the night away! What have you been doing lately to live your wild and precious life?