30 Day Challenge: Day 29 - ready to fly?

I'm fascinated reading my last few entries, because they all sound kinda the same.  I think it's because I've gone through the honeymoon phase, the hard phase, the tired phase, the struggling phase, the recovering from struggle phase, the keep going phase, and have finally fallen into the lovely routine phase so there's less to talk about - less to stress over.  I've already begun my new challenge, informally, because it feels like time. Today, I played with drawing a version of a before sunrise photo.

And the mail doesn't even sit around on a flat surface at all before it's dealt with!  No junk mail piles - straight to recycling!

And grass time is extra lovely when the cats are there, making strange kitty semaphore shapes with their bodies.  Looking at Buster so very relaxed that he appears to have melted into the ground is definitely good for my soul!

So here I am.  Day 29. In a routine.  Ready to fly - and to head on to a new challenge on Wednesday!