30 Day Challenge - day 24 - filling the space

Ok - this is interesting.   I don't have paper piles anymore.  And that means I can fill the space.  Not the physical space - I don't need anything in the place where the paper piles were!  I mean the mental space - the emotional space- the "worrying about what's in the pile that I haven't dealt with" space. I can fill that new beautiful empty space with relaxing, with reading, with coaching, with drawing, with writing, with hanging out with the cats in the grass, or enjoying wine and cheese with friends on the back deck.

Granted, I did these things when I had the paper piles too, but there was a corner of my mind taken up with thinking about the un-done stuff - a little messy stressy place in my mind to match the disordered places in the house.

Sometimes opening up space like that is scary.  What's going to go in that new space? It's like when you quit smoking, or quit bingeing, or quit hanging out with those toxic people, or quit your all night Netflix marathons - what are you supposed to do in place of that thing you used to do?  How will you spend that free time/space/money/energy?

I'm still amazed that I've made space for drawing every day but one for the past 24 days.  That's pretty cool.  Here's the progress on my turtle:

And here's a beautiful treat - the Queen of the Night bloomed last night.  Each flower only lasts one night - so lovely and fragrant! The flowers are the size of softballs.

What are you doing with newfound space?  Or what to you need to change to make space for what you love?  What will you be able to do, without any excuses in your way, once you make space?