30 Day Challenge Day 12 - Believe despite the saboteur

It's been raining here all day.   I rather enjoy a rainy day when my plans for the day include a lot of writing and computer time.  I finished my rebus drawing - the last three are symbols, but the rest make a sentence - do you get it?

And my grass time was on the porch today but I did walk out into the yard briefly to take a photo of a lavender Mexican petunia and put my feet in the grass.  Later, I looked out the kitchen window and saw my turtle walking around in the rain - I suppose she doesn't mind the weather...

My rebus is about belief.  About believing in luck, love and success.  It's all possible.  For me and for you.  And on Day 12 I do have that belief, but I'm also dealing with the saboteur in my mind who wants to point out everything that I haven't done yet.

There's something sinister about making it twelve days in a challenge and still not having accomplished some of the bigger more complex tasks that have been on my list since day one.  Granted, they are not part of the challenge.  Maybe that's the problem! When I think about these projects I get a little panicky even though there's no external deadline for them or anyone who's being harmed except for me when I wake up at 5 a.m. and my saboteur brain hassles me about all the work I've been avoiding.

So what's the answer?  I believe it's to chip away at the tasks.  Pick one or two per day to work on.  When I picture the tasks completed it feels so much better than when they're unfinished.  Focusing on the feeling I'll have when they're done will help so much!  And also reminding my saboteur brain of what we are accomplishing every day, and that we're not actually in a race, and we're not behind.

How does your saboteur brain derail you?  What do you believe that helps you stick with a challenge or an obstacle?