30 Day Challenge - are you ready?

Why is summer the perfect time to make a change you've been longing to make?  Because it's already a more relaxed and quieter time.  Maybe they let you out of work an hour early on Fridays.  Or maybe the kids go to camp.  It's a time to let loose a little, and try something you've been aching to try.  Something to take care of yourself better or something fun you never let yourself have time for.  Or something you've been wanting to clean up, go through, rework, rethink - what if you did something intentionally about that something for 30 days?  Don't worry about vacation - if you have to you can pick up where you left off. Isn't it kind of strange that we always start our resolutions in the cold dark of January?  Why not make changes and try new ways of living better when the sun is out, the days are long, and anything seems possible?

My friend and fellow coach Stacey Shanks is starting up a 30 day Challenge project this month, and you can join in on her her Facebook page where she'll be posting all kinds of goodness to help you stay on track.  I'll be there, both as a participant and as one of the expert speakers she has lined up to inspire and support us.

So how am I doing with my challenge today?  All is well. (See my stickers?) Grass time was lovely, and my little pile of papers is practically gone - chipped away ten minutes at a time.  I'm making inroads on my big projects too, and taking time to play so that my body remembers that we're in this for the long term and not going to just flame out in another week.  I'm remembering that summer's for treats too! And for naps.  There's always time for a little nap, especially on a rainy Sunday.

I hope you'll consider joining the 30 day challenge. You can make it something small, something fun - something you'd love to do but just haven't done yet.  Let me know in the comments about your challenge, or email me at carla@livingwildandprecious.com.  Come join us for summer fun and positive changes!