30 Day Challenge - a surprising decision

So, I'm starting my 30 day challenge - actually I began it yesterday, and knowing that my focus right now is on time management and accomplishing tasks, you might be surprised that my 30 day challenge isn't about checking stuff off the to do list.  I'm still going to keep doing my ten minutes of daily paper management which is working so well! I think I've got a habit going that I can stick with!

I'm going to continue my 10 minute morning grass time as well.  Sitting with my feet on the grass and almost always a cat or two nearby, taking time to plan my day, read something inspirational and then just sit for ten minutes letting everything be - it's the perfect way for me to begin every wild and precious day.

Here's my surprising challenge:  For the next 30 days, I'm going to paint or draw for 30 minutes.  When I first imagined having control over my own schedule years ago, I pictured lots of free time to be creative.  While I have no special talents, I enjoy playing with drawing and painting, and I'm struck with a pang of longing when I go to galleries and admire the colorful paintings, especially when they're of the Louisiana wetlands.

But painting and drawing always ends up at the bottom of the list.  It doesn't get priority because I need to do the "important" things first.  Well, that's changing! The truth is, I have time to paint or draw and get my other tasks done.  When I've tried this strategy in the past I've noticed that by rewarding myself some time every day with something fulfilling and fun, I manage to be more productive.  Similarly, when people who are trying to lose weight focus less on food and more on doing and finding things that bring them joy and happiness - when they start practicing extreme self-care - they find that something shifts-- and their eating habits magically become healthier, without even thinking about it.

So that's my plan for the month.  I'm excited!

I'm not quite ready to post my "artwork" for all to see, but I'm also going to take at least one nature photo a day - I've always loved that and I'll make it part of my morning grass time, usually.  Today's photo is a raindrop caught on the ginger.

So are you thinking about it?  What would you like to do for your 30 day challenge? Join our Facebook Group (It's open - come on in!) to share your plan and get support from a whole passel of coaches!  And tune in here - I'll be posting my nature photo and letting you know how each day goes!  I'd also love to hear from you in the comments - what kind of challenge feels delicious to you this month?