Solid Gold Goals

Do you have trouble sticking with your plans? Do your routines fluctuate wildly so you can't really call them routines?  

I know all about that, especially in summer where my schedule varies every day and my sweetheart is home more so there's more incentive to work on house stuff or do fun things together, and I mix up vacation-y stuff with work stuff.  Mostly I like the variety and the flexibility. 

But sometimes my most important (yet not urgent) to-do items get shuttled from one day to the next while I make breakfast smoothies, see clients, take walks, fold laundry, do some writing, play with the cats, and check my emails and FB way too many times.

Last week I was talking with my friend and fellow coach, Wendy Battino, and we ended our call by setting some concrete goals for ourselves. 

I kept trying to say "solid goals" and saying "solid gold" instead-- so we came up with Solid Gold Goals-- and then of course I had to spend about twenty minutes looking at old videos of the Solid Gold dancers - that sure was a crazy eighties show!

My idea for Solid Gold Goals (and this is not an original idea by any means but doesn't it sound great with this catchy splashy title?) is to come up with just three things every day - generally things that can easily get put off - things that aren't necessarily part of the daily maintenance or regular routine of my work, and number them 1-3, and make sure I do them. That day. In order.

Ideally I complete at least two of them in the morning. I've also tried this strategy with six things too, with the idea that you move anything not completed to the next day - keeping the order the same, so you stop skipping the to do items when other stuff pops up.

If you pair a strategy like this with relentless avoidance of social media checking, you can really get some things done!  

I'm fascinated by my avoidance - some call it resistance - and I try all kinds of things to address it, from compassionate observance, to sneaking up on it, to just going ahead and facing it head on.

Do you have some items that keep slipping from one day to the next on your to do list? 

Try a short list of three daily Solid Gold Goals and see what happens.

Photo by bodnarchuk/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by bodnarchuk/iStock / Getty Images