Tell half the story.

Tell half the story.  

Sometimes, "you're telling half the story" has negative connotations - like you're leaving out something important, or someone else's viewpoint, or some part that needs telling.  

That's not what I mean today. Today I mean tell the story when it's not completely formed - not completely finished.  You don't have to have it all figured out before you share. You don't have to know the ending before you begin to let yourself be seen.

I've been on such a fascinating journey since 2009 when I quit full-time salaried employment and trekked off to walk 2200 miles from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail. Since then I've been carving my own path, peeking down side trails, choosing routes that pique my curiosity, and learning so much about what is most important to me while I help others do the same.  But it's not always a clarity-filled journey full of ease and contentment.  Sometimes it's downright confusing and scary.

One thing I know for sure is that it's always better to connect, even when I'm not feeling completely sure. It's so hard to be seen when you're less clear. It's so appealing to hide.  But we all benefit from letting ourselves be seen in all our perfect imperfection.

Right now I'm en route to Austin, Texas to hang out with my coaching mentor, Martha Beck, and a whole slew of life coaches. One of the main themes is Bewilderment.  Allowing ourselves to be bewildered. And in the process to "be wilder". To reconnect with our knowing wise wild selves. Funny - bewilderment is the path to knowing.

So-- tell half your story.  Be willing to contradict yourself.  Be willing to be in the middle of your journey. Feel safe knowing that it's ok to be you just as you are, even if you're not sure what's next. Even if you're a little bewildered.