What Do You Love That's Already Free?

For many of us, today is simply the day after the Super Bowl, but if you're in New Orleans, it's Lundi Gras, the day before Mardi Gras Day - one of the biggest parties in the world - and it's totally free!  

I've been teaching about money lately, and I'm fascinated how much we miss out on appreciating a million free things every day.

Sometimes we feel cash-poor and forget the abundance that surrounds us. And sometimes our cash-poor feeling causes us to take even worse care of the money we do have.  It's a vicious cycle.

Here are five things I needed to realize to bring my own relationship with money into alignment - and what I love to teach others.

1. The things I care about most don't cost a thing. Love. Friendship. Nature. Smiles. Health.  Sure, it can cost some $$ to maintain these things, but not nearly as much as all the crazy stuff we buy when we're emotionally disconnected or confused about what matters to us.

2. Enough is not "too little". Enough is more than just what you need to scrape by. It's the peak of enjoyment without going into excess. Enough is a sweet spot that takes practice to reach--  most of us regularly swing either into deprivation or excess in at least one area of our lives.

3. Paying attention feels better than being clueless. Not knowing what's happening with your money is stressful. It's sometimes dangerous. It can cost you more-- in late fees or other penalties. It can lead to stress and lost sleep. Paying attention instead brings freedom. Once you are deeply clear, you reach an incredible peace that feels much better than hiding from the reality of your money situation.

4. It takes a mindset shift to truly welcome money into your life. Many of us have been taught that either we don't deserve wealth or that money is a bad thing.  We've been taught that if it's easy for us, we should give it away. We've been taught that it's not ok to ask for what we're worth, especially if we're women raised to be generous and to put ourselves last.  Our mindset needs to change before our money situation will.

5. Learning what you really want is the smartest money decision of all.  You may think you know what you want.  But I challenge you to keep asking.  Really asking. It's surprisingly easy to find yourself caught up in something that someone else wants for you, or what seems socially desirable, or what feels safe. When you focus on what you really want, you spend your money on what's important, and you save your money for what's important. And that is all money is for. 

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