Magical thinking messed with my finances

Photo by fergregory/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by fergregory/iStock / Getty Images

Long before I ever became a life coach, I discovered a book called Your Money or Your Life, by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.  Reading that book and others and creating steps for myself based on those readings completely transformed my relationship with money and it's what allowed me and my husband to pay off our house, accumulate a really hefty savings on two teachers' salaries and have what felt to us like a very indulgent life at the same time.  It also allowed me to live my dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail.  I basically quit my job and went off to hike for six months, which was one of the most fantastic life experiences of all.

When I came back, I worked as a consultant for educational organizations and set up my own tutoring business, still using the money strategies we'd perfected before I left for my hike and still doing quite well.  

Then I enrolled in life coach training, about four years ago. Along with the absolutely amazing training I received that has been instrumental in making me a great coach, I found myself interacting with a whole new group of people, many not from my particular coach training organization, in this coach-y world, many who had a very different approach to finances - something more along the lines of: spend large amounts of money on spiritual teachings and training after training, and then trust the UNIVERSE to provide. Law of Attraction and all.  

I'd been doing really well with my common-sense approach.  Pay attention to your money. Spend it on what you need. Indulge in what really feels good rather than what you think is going to feel good. Save for big purchases or for emergencies.

Suddenly I was surrounded by people throwing large sums of money around in ways I was not used to at all.  Once you get into "coach land" there are folks out there promising a "six-figure" this and that. Give them a lot of money and they'll help you "manifest" a lot of money, via the new skills you'll learn about building your business along with all that alignment with the universe stuff.    

General skeptic that I am, I was careful with my money and stuck to my original plan, seeking only a few trainings from people I had vetted and who I thought offered something valuable in return for my investment.  I tried not to be distracted by others I saw who signed up for a new course, product or training for hundreds or even thousands of dollars every couple of months or so.

Overall, my strategy worked out pretty well.  Even beginning a brand-new business, we stayed out of debt and I took the time to grow slowly.  But as a new business owner, completely responsible for all of my business expenses and with no real sense of what things should cost or what I needed, I made spending errors too-- either on over-priced services or on things I simply didn't need.  

You know when I would spend the most money?  When I was afraid.  And money spent in fear is often not well-spent.  You can embroider that on a pillow, for sure.  

I also tried a bit of magical thinking around money.  If I simply believed, would the universe provide?? 

Not necessarily.

Here's when magical thinking works.  It works when it inspires you to get to work creating, or to pay attention to opportunities you didn't think you were worthy of. It works when it gives you the confidence to show up and be seen.

Here's when magical thinking doesn't work: when you take no action. When you start counting a $500 windfall more than once - counting that money to pay for $500 worth of expenses three different ways.  

Magical thinking doesn't work when you focus on income without considering expenses. When you have no idea how to account for your time. Magical thinking doesn't work when you hide from the reality of your financial situation.

In my Indulgent Path to Money Management Class that starts in two days, I'll be teaching only the most practical magic.  The magic of paying attention. The magic of learning not to need more than you really need.  Of learning to spend in alignment with your values.  Of learning to note what is coming in and what is going out.  Of the complete energy shift that will happen for you when you have plenty saved either for a trip, an emergency, or some other important project. The magic of honoring the worth of your own work.  

Whether you're salaried, hourly, or own your own business, the steps I teach, common-sense though they are, really work. They are not made of fairy dust. They require you to look closely. To truly see.  

Happily, the results can be quite magical.

If you're in need of practical support in a small group to focus on your finances in a way that you've been putting off, this course is perfect.  If you're ready to pay attention, this course is perfect. 

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