Three Words To Remember When You Get Frustrated With Others During The Holidays...

Whatever holidays you celebrate, there's a good chance you're interacting a little more with family and friends this week and next.  And sometimes that can bring up some conflict, or judgement, or just general blech feelings. 

Try this, next time Uncle Joe is making you nuts telling the same story, or your mom gets passive- aggressive, or your older sister starts bossing you like you're still eight years old. 

When your judgy voice in your head begins to say, "They're so ____________!"  add these three little words:  "...just like me."   

They get so upset over little things!  (just like me.  Yes.  I do that too, sometimes.) 

They're so bossy! (just like me.  Yes.  I can be bossy.) 

They're so caught up in their own lives! (just like me. Oh, yep, that happens to me too!) 

They're so discourteous!  (Just like me - sure I try, but I know I'm sometimes discourteous, sometimes when I don't mean to be.) 

They're in such a negative mood! (Just like me. I can be that way sometimes.) 

Their political viewpoints are so extreme! (Just like me.  Maybe I'm extreme in the other direction.  Actually, I'm pretty moderate, but I know I can find something I feel extremely strongly about!) 

They're too silly/serious/annoying/repetitive/needy.  Just like me. 

Try it.  See if it lightens your energy.  See if it helps you enjoy the time with these fellow human beings.