Prioritizing Rest, You Time And Quiet Time During The Holidays And Beyond

Are you starting to feel a little harried?  Is your list of things to do getting rather long?  Check in with yourself and see if there's anything you can toss right off that list.  Hate sending cards?  Don't do it.  I promise the world will not explode.  (The jury is still out about whether we will send holiday cards this year - but I am grateful for all who send them to us - I enjoy every one!)  

Don't want to go to that party?  Skip it.  It's likely not crucial that you're there.  

I'm composing this post in a little window of time before I meet with a client, head out to a holiday party, and then go see Twelfth Night at the New Orleans Museum of Art!  I'm excited and looking forward to all of it, especially the Shakespeare. I checked online yesterday and the show was sold out. Then I had a last minute offer today from a friend with extra tickets.  Feels magical! 

You see, it's not about never being double booked in the evenings around the holidays - it's how you feel about it.  If it feels fun, happy, and wondrous, do it!  If it feels heavy, burdensome or overwhelming, see if you can let it go without major consequences. 

I know that I have reserved a chunk of time this Thursday and most of Friday for myself for quiet restorative time. Time to relax, plan, contemplate.  So two events tonight feels just fine! 

How about you?  Where's your holiday energy level?