If You Feel Frantic Because It's Already January 4, You Need To Read This.


Do you get a nervous sensation around the new year? I used to write practically the same list every year of all the ways I would be a better person this year. More patient, kinder, fitter, with way more willpower.  Less distractable. More focused. More driven. More goal-oriented.  

And less than a week in, when I'd been impatient, distracted, unfocused and lacking willpower, I would sigh with disappointment and frustration.   

What I always ignored were all the amazing things I was simultaneously doing. All the ways I was focusing or achieving. All the ways I was kind and all the ways I was living a beautiful life every day. Both sides exist. There's always more I could do. I have more ideas and plans than will ever fit into a day. That is ok.  

So, I encourage you to BREATHE RIGHT NOW. Look out the window, or even better go outside and take in the sky and the trees. Stop being unkind and frustrated with yourself on the fourth day of the new year. That is not part of the plan. 

Here's the truth: it is always easier to make change from a place of love and acceptance of where you are right now than from a place of berating your current self. It's called the paradoxical theory of change and you can look it up. Begin from a place of amazement and encouragement and see what happens.