Halfway Through January - Is It Time To Rest Yet?

Inspiration for your path -  REST and tiny things...plus journaling ideas! 

Do you get a little panicky halfway through January?  Feeling like it was just New Year's Eve and now we're already 1/24 through the year?  How did that happen? The new moon has suddenly become a full moon - time keeps on ticking, ticking ticking...  [hmm - will Carla include 1970s song video links in every upcoming post?  That would be fun! This is worth a click simply to see the double-necked guitar!] 

I lose my time perspective when I project too far into the future and forget to notice all the cool small things happening.  Perhaps I intuitively remembered that this week as my Instagram feed was full of images of small things like bugs and feathers. Tiny things help me remember to REST, just for a moment. 

You know I prioritized REST for January, and I've managed, amidst the events, appointments,  TV appearances, dance classes (attending!) and money calls (hosting!) to rest a little each day.  To go outside and breathe. And look around. Here's the question:  If not now, when?  When I get those other ten things done?  If I'm not enjoying and savoring in the present moment, when will I enjoy and savor it?  

There are strawberries at the farmers' market!  The sky is a spectacular shade of blue!  And the sun filtering through the oak trees is like a miracle.  

One last thing - are you journaling in 2014? If you haven't started yet, or your journal plans fell by the wayside, don't worry - you can pick it up again anytime!  I hosted an awesome journal making party this weekend (it filled up so fast in the Meetup group that it never made it to my email news!) and it was divine! 10 women decorated ten beautiful and unique journals!  If you're looking for some journalling ideas for the new year,  Click here to download a list to inspire you! 

Meanwhile, don't forget to rest!  The year is already 1/24 over - if you've been going, going, going, it's definitely time to take a break!  Ahh!