Get Permission For What You Want

My mentor, Martha Beck, says it all the time. The coaches I hang out with online talk about it constantly.  Create a life of rest and play.  Rest and play.  Rest and play.  It sounds so wonderful.  But how do you actually do it? How do you give yourself permission to really live life that way? 

The holidays are a perfect time to try shifting your life to one of more rest and more play. The best way to do this is to listen to your body. Chances are, your body is craving rest and you're ignoring it because there's so much to do, do, do!  Try listening.  Try using my sweet cat (or your own pet, as long as it's not a gerbil - they're pretty hyper) as a role model.  Lay down. Let out a nice deep sigh.  Really rest.  Then rest some more. Rest until you honestly don't want to rest anymore.  

If you have small kids, a demanding job, or other stuff that keeps you from resting, just do your best.  Even if all you have time for is the deep sigh, let your body feel that "resting in place" feeling, while you breathe a couple of really sweet breaths. And then look for how you can gift some rest to you and everyone around you.  Skip the party.  Chuck the cookie making.  Dump a couple of your holiday expectations in favor of something slow and easy. 

I'm still learning about rest, but when I do it makes such a difference.  I haven't been sick with a cold or other illness in a LOOOONG time and I think it's partly because I let my body rest.Especially if you've been sick at all, give yourself permission to rest.  (I can tell already - I'll be focusing on rest in 2014 - it's what we all need!) 

Once you're rested enough?  Think about play!  What feels fun? No, really.  What feels fun?Mary Poppins was right.  Work feels more fun when you add in some play.   (That's the other thing I'll be focusing on in 2014, beginning with playful ways to manage your $$!)  I have a pretty play-filled life as it is. but I'm always looking for ways to enjoy life more, worry less, and help you do the same. 

What felt fun and playful to me this week was making sock dolls with my fifth grade mentee, coaching some amazing clients, hosting a "virtual campfire" with the wonderful women of Wild and White Blazing,  taking silly selfies in the green room before going on TV to talk about "holiday p*rn" (on The 504, Wednesday at 9 p.m.!), enjoying cocktails at the famous Sazerac bar with 15 wonderful wild and precious ladies, and best of all?  Getting free tickets to the holiday home tour to peek in on some serious holiday opulence with my sweetheart. Oh, and then there were the Acrocats... see below for more on them!  Wow - sometimes I forget how much fun I have! 

Go back over your week.  Was there enough fun? Does it help to remind yourself of the good stuff?  Is there enough in your life that feels like play? What can you switch up to create a more play-filled week?  Having trouble giving yourself permission for fun and play? Reply to this email with your questions and I'll answer them in an upcoming post! (And if that activity list above made you tired just reading it?  Go back to resting! Give yourself permission to rest!)