Be Wilder. 

Four weeks to connect you more deeply to your own intuition and use the power of nature and animal guides to lead you to your right life.  

You've read Martha Beck's new fiction book, Diana Herself, or it's on your list and you'll be reading it soon. You're craving your own wild experiences and seeking more guidance to practically infuse the magic Martha describes into your everyday life. You'd like to continue to build your Wayfinder village to support you in the journey.  We are here to help!

Join Coaches Wendy Battino and Carla Robertson via conference call for Be Wilder

Tuesdays: noon Central (10 a.m. Pacific, 11 am Mountain, 12 pm Eastern)  June 28th, July 5, July 12, July19, 2016 - plan for 75 minutes each call.

June 28th - Grounding - Task 1

July 5 - Vision - Tasks 2 and 3

July 12 - Alignment - Tasks 4 and 5

July 19 - Emergence - Tasks 6 and 7

$100 includes all calls and a private group to share and connect

Can't make it live?  All calls will be recorded and you can tune in at your leisure.