Welcome to Be Wilder!

Four weeks to connect you more deeply to your own intuition and harness the power of nature to lead you to your right life.

You love the idea of a life more connected with nature.

You are craving your own wild experiences and seeking more guidance to practically infuse the magic of nature into your everyday life.

You want to feel peace and be able to be your best self even in the most difficult times.

We know how it is to feel disconnected and to crave more peace in our lives. We are here to help!  

I'm teaming up with talented coach and intuitive, Wendy Battino, to to offer you this opportunity to sync yourself with nature.  We know how it is to feel disconnected and to crave more peace in our lives. We are here to help!


Be Wilder will provide you with solid practices for standing in your true nature and calling on your power in times of need. You'll receive our favorite tools for connecting to your own wisdom for walking in alignment with our earth. We continue to use these tools-- they are that good. They are easy to weave into our real and busy lives. You will learn awakening tools to walk with the earth and let go of what does not serve.  You will create more connection to your best self.

The Story of Be Wilder: Wendy and I created this content and originally offered it connected with a live retreat. Our retreaters benefited so much from these simple tools in nature, so we went on to create a Be Wilder live teleclass, expanding the experience to more people and allowing us to connect with each other in real time literally across the globe. It was so much fun and so transformative that we decided to create this version of Be Wilder - an experience that transcends time and space and is ready just for you- self-paced so that you can begin at any time at all, from anywhere. We had so much fun making fresh new special recordings for this four session self-study and we can't wait to share them with you! 

Why we are offering this: Our intention is to provide you with time for yourself and your infinite wisdom to infuse the power of nature in your everyday life.

How it works:

When you sign up for Be Wilder, your first audio will arrive instantly.  You'll receive our Be Wilder Program in 4 sessions which are about 75 minutes each.  In these sessions, we offer you our favorite tools for connecting and grounding to wisdom.  We practice the tools with you in the audios and share our insights.  Each week, for four weeks, you will receive a new session. We suggest employing the tools for the week and devoting yourself to one session of practice per week.  Each session builds gently on the last, so there's no overwhelm, just a beautiful expansion of connection, awareness and insight.  

Session 1: Ground  We all know how important it is to ground and to begin our action from a place of stillness, but what does that really look like?  How do we create a daily practice of grounding? How do we use nature to help us ground?

Session 2: Vision  When we envision what we really want, we can begin to create it. The process is powerful, especially when it is coming from our true heart’s desire. 

Session 3: Alignment  What does it mean to be in alignment?  We will help you join body, mind and soul to prepare to take action toward your best life. Making relationship with nature elements will provide you with insight and guidance.

Session 4: Emergence  You do not have to do this work alone. You are supported by so many.  As you do your work in the world, gather your village to join you. This session includes our special Building Your Wayfinder Village tool.

$49 includes 4 recordings delivered weekly to your inbox.  

About us:  My dear friend Wendy Battino has sought out and studied with mentors from Alaska Native Chiefs to Thich Nhat Hanh to learn how to live intentionally and in peace with herself and the world.  And along the way the trees and the animals and the land spoke to her.  She's a gifted coach, teacher and intuitive.

I love to sit in the morning quiet in my tropical New Orleans yard or under nearby moss draped oaks and be still. Inevitably I'm filled with wonder at all the living beings that surround me- whether I'm noticing tiny garden snails, dragonflies, songbirds or our resident box turtle. There is always magic and insight awaiting me, and if I listen carefully, guidance.  

When Wendy and I create together, special things happen, and we are so happy to offer you this beautiful opportunity to learn with the two of us from the comfort of your own home and yard.

Wendy and Carla

Together, Wendy and I will teach you to connect more deeply with yourself by reconnecting with elements of nature and your own inner knowing.

Wendy and I have adventured together in her home state of Alaska both in snowy fall and in green, green summer. We've hosted workshops and wild woman getaways, traversed the tundra picking blueberries or snowshoeing, and swam like mermaids in cold lakes and ponds. We've explored the ancient cypress-lined creeks of Texas and toasted in wildflower meadows. Everywhere we go we discover more ways of seeing and being. We have so much fun learning, leading and playing together! We are both avid explorers of nature on our own as well, and we would love to share with you techniques to envision possibilities for ourselves and for the planet.


What people are sharing about Be Wilder:

I loved being guided by two of the wisest people I know and being invited to play while feeling infinitely safe and grounded.  I learned what it feels like to be truly present and how to deepen my connection with nature and my own wisdom.
- Charlene Hoey
I've been trying meditation and all sorts of things for years and was so damn frustrated with the entire process that I was about done trying anything else. But this whole experience was just a delight.  I can't wait for next week!
- Laura Carl
I am using the grounding methods I learned from Carla and Wendy daily. These two women have helped me bring meditation from some lofty ideal to something I can bring to my level easily. Thank you, ladies!                
— Elizabeth Ledet